My name is Sheila Radice. Ever since I was a child I’ve had the passion to draw, which was passed on to me by my mom and dad, a great little gift my parents gave me.

For many years I drew copying images from books and comics. I didn’t have the knowledge and the skills to do more. Fortunately, having done 3 years at the School of Comics (Milan, Italy) and having acquired a different approach to drawing by using the Waldorf free watercolour technique, I managed to reach a new world and give shape to my fantasy characters.

I don’t remember when my passion and comeback to nature began, among elves, fairies, gnomes and everything that bears a mystical, Celtic and fairy-like flair… Basically everything that lets me dream and imagine with my mind and which I can make real with my pencil has become my way of living and confronting myself with life.

For years I have participated in numerous competitions regarding comics and illustration, but I still wasn’t ready to show all of me. During the past few years, my character, my being and my whole personality has transformed, and so have my drawings.

All thanks to my journey to Rebirther, which brought into my life a healthy self-confidence, a great strength and courage and, being that I believe everything happens for a reason, my way is showing up to me every day, because now I feel ready to take this opportunity. The hope is to bring some magic into the lives of adults and children, through my world made of fantasy and color.

The technique I use the most is watercolor, but I really love getting involved and learning new things. This is why I go over a piece of paper and brushes. I like working wood, fabric, mosaic … to express everything that comes to my mind, as long as it brings with it;  imagination, color and good vibes.